The Beatlocker Show is Arizona’s FIRST AND ONLY FM radio show dedicated solely to its local urban music scene. The Beatlocker showcases over 40 Arizona-based hip hop/R&B artists per week, all of whom are chosen from the very best of the hundreds of weekly artists’ music submissions. The show airs every Sunday from 8Pm until 11pm on KNRJ 101.1 FM-The Beat, and can be heard nationwide online at 

         “The Beatlocker” does something previously unheard in the Phoenix radio market….it breaks unfamiliar records. The show has become a shining example of a positive shift in culture gradually being brought to fruition. In five years’ time, the Arizona hip hop scene consensus has changed from the “classic crabs in a barrel” mindset, to a more inclusive, cohesive and respectful urban scene.

         The trendsetting show was created by recording artist/on-air personality and Community Music Coordinator for 101.1, Pokafase. A veteran of the Arizona music scene with more than a decade of experience in terrestrial radio, Pokafase was also the first solo hip hop artist in Arizona to breakthrough on the national level. He created The Beatlocker Show, out of a true understanding of the difficulty the southwest region’s artist have getting music on the radio. Through the show he was able bring FM airplay opportunities to a hip hop constituency that would otherwise be without.

         “The World Famous” DJ Marvel, a well-respected turntablist with experience in multiple FM radio markets, would later come on board to bring the important mix-show element to the platform. The duo have been able to relate their own music industry experience to the rapidly expanding audience through their colorful commentary and meticulous music selection.

          At The Beatlocker Show’s two year mark Poke and Marvel brought in “Real Talk” Louanna, a multi-faceted media personality with a long-standing background in journalism; thus completing the proven-successful three-chair show format. With the “femcee” community often times being severely under-represented, a woman’s perspective was a welcomed addition to the show.

          Together, the trio has cultivated a one-of-a-kind, on-air chemistry that has been well-received by listeners, artists, and former skeptics alike. At five years strong and getting stronger, “The Beatlocker” is a pioneering FM radio show that has become a staple of the Arizona hip hop community, and proves the trailblazing is the key to longevity.